Monday, 7 May 2012

I'm such prick when it comes to uploading stuff on this dam blog. I started it with the intention of doing something useful and proactive that isn't watching DVDs and playing zelda. Anyway, a new post to bring you up to date with what's happening across the four pillars of my of my life that is Southport, Liverpool, Leeds and Cardiff First up we have Kev Barry's 'Megapixels'. As it is all mobile phone footage you may want to stand back a bit! Some good stuff here. Christian definitely wins on the background props count. The premiere of this vid was also on Gaz ‘Chunk Delicious’ Leak's birthday so everyone got twatted, naturally. Good do
(don't know who this image belongs to but cheers for letting me have off with it!) From the land perm and moustache stereotypes come a little edit of Geff in Rampworx taking a rightt fisting trying some kind of bs grab tweaker - amazing Leeds' very own Pat and Guy made this edit from what appears to be one of the first video camera. Camera shake, fingers in, more background props than pirate and pure dad cam angles. Sheer class This is where I'd include something from Southport but as nobody there seems to make little edits so I'll include a couple of photos that Ash took at Alchemy the other day. I miss Wednesdays at Alchemy, free food (not always gluten free but what can you do) and the most perfect block in the world!
Matty and Tom - Ollie Check out Ash's blog here for more dopeness

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